3 Tips to Prepare You for Pregnancy

3 Tips to Prepare You for Pregnancy

There are many aspects of your life that can have an effect on your pregnancy such as your age, amount of exercise you get, your weight, and your family history. At the Office of Dr. Polcino, we understand pregnancy, from conception to birth. We’d like to share a few tips on how you can prepare your body for pregnancy and optimize your health, and the health of your baby.

1. Healthy Foods

We all know that pregnancy comes with intense cravings. But it’s important to remember that maintaining a healthy diet is a great first step to start preparing your body for pregnancy. Eating the right foods and maintaining a healthy weight will help regulate your hormones and strengthen your body for the amazing pregnancy journey of pregnancy.

Everyone’s body is different. So it is always a good idea to talk to your doctor about the nutrition factors you should consider for a proper balance as you prepare for pregnancy. It is important to avoid certain foods during your pregnancy, which can be harmful to your growing fetus.

Read more about nutrition during pregnancy from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. 

Vitamin C delivers a variety of health benefits, such as supporting a healthy immune system, and also provides additional benefits for pregnancy. Getting enough vitamin C is important for both mom-to-be and developing baby. Read more about 

Folate, also known as folic acid, folate is a B vitamin which helps the body build new cells, and can even help prevent birth defects.

The US Food & Drug Administration offers great dietary advice for mothers to be.

It’s important to speak with your doctor about your diet as early as possible during your pregnancy.

2. Get Enough Sleep & Reduce Stress

Getting enough sleep is crucial to help with relaxation and it can also help you regulate and balance your hormones. An inconsistent sleep cycle can disrupt ovulation, making it difficult to monitor the appropriate window of conception. Just remember that the average adult needs about 8 hours of sleep. If you aren’t reaching the ideal amount of sleep, consider making some adjustments to your bedtime routine – your mind and body will thank you.

Research shows that stress does have a considerable effect on fertility. While you may be thinking that reducing stress levels is easier said than done, it is important to make relaxation a priority in your day. Whether you choose yoga, meditation or finding a quiet place to read a book, find simple ways to treat yourself and reduce stress. Remember to put everything else on the back burner and find time to relax.

3. Strengthen Your Body To Prepare Your Body For Your Baby

Performing light activities and using light weights is a great way to improve sleep patterns and boost those endorphins! Exercise releases serotonin, a chemical neurotransmitter that can stabilize your mood and help you to feel good. It will help you build strength and stamina for when you have to carry the extra weight of your baby. Also, taking a walk a few times a week is great for your health. Remember to always speak to your doctor before performing any exercises.

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