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Breakfast May Be More Important Than You Think!

Mom was right after all! I talk about the importance of breakfast, including what problems it can prevent and the positive impact it can have on our children.

Our moms are always teaching us. Sometimes we don’t want to believe them. Sometimes we don’t want to hear them, but then there is that magical moment that comes to us when we realize that Mom was right.

My mother Antoinette always wanted us to have a good breakfast because she believed it would make our day very productive. Most people have dinner, and then after dinner, they do not have anything for a couple of hours. Then they go to sleep.

During sleep, your body is in a resting state. You are not using much energy and there is a very low metabolic rate. It is important to sleep seven to eight hours because you need that amount of time to refresh your brain and your body. Then we awaken.

Now that you are up, it has been about twelve hours of fasting, so we really need to get increased nutrients to our brain and body to get everything going. Some studies have shown that individuals who have breakfast have better control of their weight and also have a lesser risk of having diabetes or heart disease. Some studies also show that children who have breakfast are much more productive during their school hours.

Some people try to diet and they think that skipping breakfast is good for them. However, by lunchtime the person becomes famished and it becomes impossible to watch one’s calories. Also, when you are stressed with not eating, your body secretes cortisol, which is a stress hormone. When cortisol is elevated, it makes it very difficult to lose weight and control your weight because it lays down fat. So, our moms were right, eat breakfast, and get the most out of your day!

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