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Find Out More About the Office of
Dr. Michael H. Polcino!

Our office manager and Dr. Polcino talk about the office and the care provided.

The office manager begins with: My name is Chris Sini. I am the practice’s office manager, and I have been with Dr. Polcino for over twenty-eight years. I started out as a front desk receptionist, and Dr. Polcino and I have grown together over these years.

Dr. Polcino treats his patients like no other doctor does. We like people to come here and feel as though they are at home and not in a stark medical office, and Dr. Polcino portrays that feeling to the patients.

Dr. Polcino explains: We are a full-service OB/GYN office. Women have many needs and their medical care is something that we take pride in helping with. We take care of them during their obstetrical and gynecological times of their life. We take care of patients who may have a pre-cancer, a cancer, or just have a special question for us.

Chris Sini states: In today’s medical atmosphere, people are looking for some place they can go to where all of their needs are taken care of. In our office, you can come here and have your exams, sonograms, and osteoporosis testing done, and any skin care needs can be taken care of. I feel our office offers services to patients like nobody else does.

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