Summer Bucket List for Long Island Kids

For our latest installment of “This, Not That, Thursday” we bring you Dr. Polcino’s “Summer Bucket List for LI kids.”
It features oodles of ideas when it comes to places to go, things to do, events, and activities to do with kids on Long Island! From toddlers to tweens, our Summer Bucket List has great ways to spend the days, and you’re sure to see a smile on everyone’s face.

-Dr. P

What I Learn from the Anti-Aging Medicine Conferences

Last week, Mary Ann and I attended the World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine in Las Vegas.  This is a meeting we attend annually, and each year we return with new and exciting information.

My focus was again on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and I am never disappointed with my time spent with the world leaders in this field.  The overall philosophy of this branch of medicine is to help our patients prevent disease and to maintain function throughout their lives, long into old age.

-Dr. P

Why Are Colonoscopies Crucial for You and When?

I would like to introduce you to my son, Dr. Michael Polcino III!  He is a board certified colorectal surgeon and surgical oncologist.  Today, he is discussing colorectal cancer and indications for a colonoscopy.  Colorectal cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer for both men and women and is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S.  My son’s website is:  His blog:

My vimeo channel:


This Past Stormy Month and a Conference

I cannot believe a month has passed since I wrote my last blog; it has been an interesting month.  First, I hope all of my friends in the New York area are getting back to normal after Sandy.  On Long Island where I live, the damage along the coast has been devastating, and the strength of my neighbors has been heroic.  Mary Ann and I just returned to our home after 2 weeks when the electric came back on.  We were very lucky with only tree damage, so no complaints in our home.This Past Stormy Month and a Conference

We participated in a wonderful conference in Atlanta concerning Female Sexuality.  It concentrated on many aspects of the sexual experience with a major focus on vulva, vaginal, and pelvic pain.  We must become more open about these problems, and it is my hope to help relieve these concerns with many of my patients in the future.

-Dr. P